How to become infected

"Bought as seen" the contract said. Red - but mine!

It was a lot of fun: Nürburgring (D), Spa (B), the Goodyear-Testdrive (L) and the Heidbergring near Hamburg, not to talk about the Rallyes. But most fun was the work to keep it running

On our way to Luxemburg, S800-Meeting at the Goodyear-Testdrive. (Sigi and Heinz with the “Black Submarine”, Bernd and I with the red S 800)

A summer-evening. Heading home from the Nürburgring to Aachen: 100 km of curvy streets across the Eifel-Hills which I know by heart are waiting for me, the S800 is in top condition and “Boris” has made it to the final in Wimbledon. Everyone in Germany was at the TV and appearantly I was the only one on the street. This will be hard to top!

The engine. In 1967 apparently they made a big effort to get 67 HP out of 792 ccm. What I like most: this power is produced by mechanical means - and not by some suspicious electronic equipment.