My "new" S800 (Summer 2001)

After about seven years the old virus became active again and after short everything was clear: we need a S800 again. So I activated my old connections and searched the new media for old cars. Both was successfull: there was a number of Hondas for sale. We only had to decide if it should be a Convertible or a Coupé.

The Coupé won. We simply like it more. The Convertible looks like any other Convertible, the Coupé is something special

Soon we found the right car. In Belgium someone sold a recently restored one, he demanded a resonable sum and a lot of spare parts was part of the deal (about one ton).

Here you can see what I found in Belgium. Not everything is perfect. The seals of the front and rear window are very bad, breaking-disks have to be replaced and the rear view mirror is not original. But the whole is quite acceptable - especially those expensive and rare chrome parts are complete and good, the exhaust is original and the electrical equipment is in good working original condition: We have a S800 Coupé again.

Thatīs how we bought it: 559,8 km run since restauration and a nice yellow color. It is running as a official registerd Oldtimer now (important because of taxes and insurance).

The window seals are already new and new breaking disks and shock absorbers (Koni Classic) are ready to be installed.

Further I plan to apply a electronic Ignition (mechanically timing using contact-points) and to change the gear box ratio (gears 1-3 closer to the 4th and 15% longer over all). But I will do this after the second engine is ready (tuned up to deliver about 80 hp).

You see, there is a lot of work to be done. As this takes itīs progress already I started to install a diary. You will find the most significant steps there. Certainly there will a professional documentation take place also by pictures and video.

Apart from this I certainly search the net for good resources, tips, special parts and more. So here my page with Tipps & Links