Tipps & Links (not only) for S800

Professional tools at low prices:

Help fighting corrosion you can find here:

also important:

My most recommended Specialist for S800-parts:

You can see a part of his catalogue here:
It is Norman Hart´s Homepage

More Links

in England: http://www.honda-s800-club.freeserve.co.uk/
in Amerika:
in Japan: http://ux01.so-net.ne.jp/~honda-s/index.html
at Honda itself: http://www.honda.co.jp/hondafan/sound/sort/s800_rsc.html
in Stuttgart: http://www.honda-s800.de/ (leider eher mager, “Hey, Thomas, tu wat!”)
and further more south: http://www.honda-oz.org.au/home.html